DWS (Digital Web Search) is the one stop solutions for all SEO services where you can put your faith for the best SEO services. We offer phenomenal services related to SEO to our clients.
Some of these opportunities include:
•Mobile search (tablet and smartphones)
•Local search (maps)
•Social platforms
•Blogs, Video & Resources

Our Approach - Strategy of Work

• Detailed Website Audit: We provide the detailed website audit document that covers all the problems which have in your website according to Google or any other search engine guidelines and provide the best solutions for it to optimize your website.
• Keyword Analysis: Provide the detailed keywords analysis to increases the website traffic or revenue.
• Competitor Analysis: We examine all your competition to determine the “authority gap” between your business and theirs, and evaluate what they’re up to with SEO, content and social media.
• On-Page Planning: This includes specific onsite actions to be approved by you and executed on your website.
• Content Planning: If you want to outsmart your competition, this is where the magic happens. The content plan includes strategic education-based content to be produced over the first quarter.
• Link Planning: This is where we close the authority gap. We develop a custom link development and outreach program for the first quarter, including a schedule of link-building activities.
• Social Planning: The social plan ensures you’re sharing your relevant and informative content with your social audience 24/7.


• Technical Optimisation: Potentially insomnia-ending recommendations yes, but adding awesome content without addressing critical geeky issues is like trying to fill a bucket with holes in it. Plug the holes first.
• Content Development & Editing: Developing awesome content as per the strategic content plan. Clearly, keyword stuffing is foolish, but a clever sprinkling of the right keywords throughout your copy can improve relevancy.
• Link Development: This is less about building links and more about building relationships and engaging with particular webmasters who should already be linking to your awesome content.
• Backlink Removals: We will stomp out those dodgy links by contacting webmasters individually and notifying Google that you don’t want certain links to apply.
• Social Sharing: Keeping a relevant, consistent and engaging presence on social media.
• Reporting: Feedback on traffic, rankings, conversions, past month’s execution and plans for the next month.